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Why partner with The Currency Broker?

Thousands of people require foreign exchange services every day but most don’t take the time to find the best company and rates to exchange their money and are unaware of how fluctuations in the exchange rate can dramatically increase or decrease the value of their transaction and affect final purchase prices.

Using high street banks for currency transfers is costly and the length of time taken to organize the transfer can be frustrating. This can mean that deadlines are sometimes missed or orders are delayed and can even mean that house purchases/sales have to be cancelled resulting in costly legal fees.

If you have clients or contacts who could be interested in our products it would be financially beneficial for you to speak to us about the generous partnership schemes we have in place.

Partnering with The Currency Broker is different from working with other firms in this sector. We understand and recognise the importance of building strong working relationships and will therefore work closely with you to ensure that the service we provide your clients and contacts is befitting of the way you would want them to be looked after.

Affiliate Benefits

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  • Your clients will benefit from a better exchange rate as a result of their relationship with you.
  • A commission paid monthly on all transactions made by your clients.
  • Coming soon - a partner portal, designed and built around you, for you, providing all the marketing tools and tracking to maximise your return. You will also be able to view and manage your referals, withdraw funds with ease.

Client Benefits

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  • The most competitive exchange rates in the market
  • Currency risk management services
  • No commission charges
  • Fast and efficient transfers
  • Designated account manager to deal with all their requirements
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